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BalanceSheet's Keyforge Playmats

Artist-signed, Keyforge playmats for sale! 30 USD each plus shipping, discount to 25 if ordering more than ten playmats.

Use the Contact field below to submit order requests. Payment via paypal

Additional Options

Signed, Limited Edition Battlefleet Playmats! Only 100 units printed, 60 USD

Custom Playmats also available, with combined/multiple images from my Keyforge Cards composed together on the same mat! 50 USD

I take custom playmat commissions as well, contact me below for more information.


About Me

I am Steve Hamilton, aka BalanceSheet, a Keyforge card artist living in Baja California, Mexico. Having freelanced for FFG since 2015, I was invited on for Keyforge and have loved being a part of the project since its inception. And without saying too much, I plan to stay involved for a long time to come 🙂
Thank you for your support!

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